How does work ?

i-crypt is a lightweight windows app.
FREE to download and install.

i-crypt will password protect email pdf attachments and automatically send a unique OTP directly to the recipient, ensuring that ONLY they are able to unlock and open the document.

Encrypted with 256-bit AES keys - ie - VERY secure.

What does cost?

Download and install the app for FREE!
20 FREE credits included!
Packaged to suit your needs, only pay for the sms's sent.
Pre-purchase credits - each email/sms combination costs only 1 credit.
Credits do not expire and the more you purchase, the cheaper they are.

Different methods?

You can choose to protect a document with a unique One Time Pin (OTP) or with a static password which the email receiver knows.
Email recipients can download u-crypt, a FREE downloadable app which allows the user to set various security features when opening and saving documents.

What is ?

u-crypt is a small windows app which removes passwords from password protected PDF's. (You need to know the original password.)
FREE to download and use with NO restrictions or limitations.
Works with any PDF and you can re-save your PDF with a password you prefer, or with no password at all.
It really is that simple.

Register with

In order to to continue using i-crypt (after you've used the 20 credits we gave you of course)
you need to register a profile with i-crypt so that we can send you more credits when you need them.
Please click here to register a profile and we'll send you what you need.